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Release Notes for Sophia

Sophia 4.13


Release 11.03.2024

  • Accessibility for screenreaders (eg Jaws) with Diagostic Tests and adaptive training

  • ICDL Logo supported

  • bugfixing and text adjustments

  • Advanced Modules in Hungarian language supported

  • .MSI file available as alternative to Sophia.exe

Sophia 4.11


Release 01.09.2023

  • Hotfix

  • Compatibility restored with EDGE and CHROME

  • Modules Online Coll, Enline Ess and IT-Sec compatible again with all supported Browsers 

Sophia 4.0


Release 20.08.2023

  • major release Sophia Version 4

  • Version for .NET 4.5 and TLS 1.2

Sophia 3.44 -3.46


Release 20.08.2023

  • Preparation for update to Sophia Version 4

  • 3.46 will remain available legacy Version for .NET 3.5 and TLS 1.0

Sophia 3.43 Windows

Release 03.05.2023

  • Adaptations for Schools in Austria

Sophia 3.42 Windows

Release 04.10.2022

  • New rules and contents product TYPING in Switzerland 

Sophia 3.40, 3.41 Windows

Release from 03.06.2022

  • Local Release for Hungary Bugfixing URL Online Collaboration 

  • 3.41 26.August 2022: Local Release for South Africa Bugfixing Reload Online Collaboration Adaptive Training in English

Sophia 3.39 Windows

Release from 03.04.2022

  • supports Adaptive Training in Hungarian Language 

  • fix for module  Computer& Online Essentials in case of question reload

  • supports check of  local Installation of  Microsoft Office. If MS Office is missing there is a warning dialogue for caniddates.

  • text changes for some questions

  • Version für .NET 4.5 offered for manual  Download 

Sophia 3.38 Windows

Release from 25.10.2021

  • Windows 11 supported

  • Office 2021 supported

  • ECDL/ICDL Syllabus 6.0 supported languages  DE, EN, FR and IT 

  • ECDL Advanced Syllabus 3.0 supported languages DE, EN and FR

  • ECDL Advanced Moduls Spreadsheet supported in Italian language

  • supports Modules Image Editing, Online Collaboration and Computing in Hungarian language (Certification- and Diagnostic Tests)

Sophia 3.37 Windows

Release vom 09.08.2021

  • Bugfix: Edge und Chrome supported in latest Version

  • Online-Essentials“ and „Computer- & Online-Essentials“-Tests:

    • if IMAP-account is defined as default, Sophia will generate the Profile „Sophia-Virtual-Mail-Account“.
      When Test is finished, the original setting will be restored automatically.

    • Sophia does not delete any profiles or data- no mails will get lost in any case! 

    • In "settings" the configuration can be set to ALWAYS use „Sophia-Virtual-Mail-Account“ independently of default account.

    • With  Diagnostic tests, Sophia ALWAYS will use „Sophia-Virtual-Mail-Account“.

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